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Who we are ?
Sweet Factories & Food Stuff Had been Founded by Eng/Sherif Hassan Abd El-Khalek since 1986 in aim to supply covertures chocolate to his pastry family business cause the leakage in fine quality chocolate, Three years later Swifax covertures chocolate achieved good reputation that leads Eng/Sherif to expand business. HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE TASTE & STYLE (1990-1993) Eng, Sherif focused in creating new chocolate range Which was "Praline chocolate" for gifts & event with 8 flavors targeting pastries & hotels all over Egypt. BULK FOR MORE SPECIALTIES (1994-1998) Creating a many sizes for each product specially the bulk size let Swifax become the better choice for many customers in raw materials such like ice cream factories and bakeries which gives us big chance to identify our product problems which may face our clients. "PROFESSIONAL MEANS MORE THAN QUALITY" (1999-2003) How to supply the required quality with reasonable price and high after sale services
CERTIFICATIONS FOR BETTER FUTURE" Starting from 2004 .. from this year the company began to get a certifications in the quality section, hygienic section (HACCP certified) and management section that’s what eng.Sherif believe in to develop the company for the next level .
"ALWAYS RETOUCH YOUR WAY" From this concept we did the ISO22000 and OCHA in 2008 developed our sales force from 2009 renew many products and renew our minds.
Our latest events
بكل فخر صنع فى مصر مؤتمر قد تم دعوه الشركه من قبل السيد / وزير التجاره و الصناعه فى إحدى أهم و أقوى المؤتمرات فى تاريخ الأقتصاد المصرى لكونه يعد من أهم الخطوات فى تدعيم الصناعات المصريه و لكون شركه سويفاكس من أهم و أقوى الشركات الرائده فى مجال تصنيع الشيكولاته منذ سنه 1986 فقد تم مشاركتها بالمؤتمر لتعد من أوائل الشركات المشاركه فى وضع علامه بكل فخر صنع مصر
Cairo Bites 2016 is Egypt’s First & biggest food festival featuring a wide and diversified line-up of local, regional as well as international eating establishments and food-related businesses in a fun, warm and dynamic environment identified as the ultimate showcase of the Egyptian food industry. Every year, more than 100 participating eateries serve over 10,000 visitors of foodies who have their taste-buds challenged